3 Causes Of Pimples And How You Can Get Rid Of Them (Photos)

Having Pimples on your face can be distressing.

Pimples could be as a result of hormonal changes as seen in early adulthood.

In this case, Boys are more susceptible to it as they tend to produce more juice in their glands at this point in time.

But, studies has it that Women are more prone to having it littered all over their faces than their male counterparts

The effects of Pimples on an individual cannot be overemphasized, as the acnes it leaves on the once beautiful face does nothing but, shrink the confidence of the individual who has it.

A lot of persons in their quest to rid their faces, have also gone further to damage their faces, that totally making it a thing of huge concern with the cheap and unapproved products they have applied on their faces in the past.

With that sorted out, what then are the causes of Pimples?

1. Excess production of oil by the glands.

Note: Studies has shown that majority of persons who have Pimples on their faces are people with oil skin texture.

Because of the nature of their skin, they tend to produce more oil which mixes with the sweat that accumulated in the sweat pores, this process brings out Pimples.

2. Intake of fatty/greasy food.

Studies has it that people who feed more on fatty food tend to have a tough time battling pimples than those who don’ t.

3. Poor hygiene

While a lot of people would counter this, truth is that poor hygiene plays a vital role in the increase of Pimples spots on one’ s face.

What are the solutions?

1. Takes of fatty, greasy and Sugary meals.

2. Maintain good and proper hygiene.

3. Get a separate towel for your face. wash your face constantly with water and a mild soap.

4. Do not press your face, it never gets rid, it only leaves your face with acne.

5. Keep your face dry at all times.

These tips have been proven to be totally effective in the eradication of Pimples.

Follow them extensively to have the acnes and black spots on your face caused by Pimples, removed.

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