Farmers and Herdsmen Discord, By Abdulrasheed Babaita

Various methods of farming has been in existence for over 10 decades in Nigeria,their is no doubt that farmers won’t have issues with the herdsmen due to unsafe act behavior of most of the herdsmen in Nigeria.

“Ranches” should be used as a means to raise cattle. Farming which was formerly the main economy activity before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria, subsistence farming, pastoral, nomadic farming amongst others are been used by farmers to promote agriculture.

The Nomadic system of farming is been used mostly by the “Fulani’s” in Nigeria, however their system of farming has became a culture to them by traveling with their cattle’s in search of proper grazing.

This system of their own believes and tradition has caused a lot of shortage to the farmers and loss of other valuable properties, accident on the high ways are not excluded also, their cattle eat up the labor of the farmers.

The inconveniences has led to crisis in Some geo political zone in Nigeria, since they’ve the gut to graze cattle in capital city of Nigeria it also boost their morale to graze anywhere which Is totally wrong in this era.

Apparently without prejudice, in most part of the country the herders have extended their farming practices in another dimensions with killings, robbery, rape and kidnapping resulting demand for huge ransom. Nigeria has enough land mass for rearing farm animals but they choose to feed their cattle’s on other persons farm. For how long will the herdsmen continue with this barbaric and destructive means of livelihood in Nigeria, since they claimed nomadic is a cultural system of farming but for how long will it be affecting other people means of survival.

Constitutionally; according to the 1999 constitution as amended to 2010 there are no places in the constitution that a specific ethnicity should only reside in geographical area. The government of each state should considered anti grazing law in there respective state, ranches can be constructed to avoid destruction of live and valuable properties. In other to avoid escalation of farmers and herdsmen crisis in Nigeria, it would be better to adopt “anti grazing” system or policy to curb this to avoid escalation into inter ethnic crisis.

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