Sunday Igboho: A Destructive Merching, By Ibraheem Olatunji

Columnist Ibraheem Olatunji

The emergence of people like Sunday Adeyemi is inevitable when the policing statue of a country is in coma. When we are in search of present messiahs in the western part of the country using Google location I bet you, you will be directed to Sunday Adeyemi house without any skeptism.

Who is Sunday Adeyemi? he was popularly known as Sunday Igboho Osa by many people across the Yorùbá land, both young and adults in the south west geo political zone can not undermine his policing over them in the hand of a deadly mafia called heardsmen in recent months. Many descendants of Odùduwà have tagged him different names without considering the magnitude of those names such alike are Aare ona kankafo, Osa, Ikú bàbà yeye. (The war lord, The deity, The diehard) despite all the names tagged on his identity I suggested Sunday Igboho should be seeing as Messiah to Odùduwà descendants in diaspora.

While northerners are battling with insurgency of Boko Haram, the Southerners are into tribulation of Naija delta militant treat, Easterners are threatened by the federal government in the recent established ESN (Eastern Security Network) by Nnamdi kanu and the Westerners are facing the wrath of Heardsmen, killings, rapping and even kidnapping for a huge ransom from their victims. Many deaths of prominent citizens of Nigeria can easily be tracked to them, once they noticed their victims did not comply with them, they behead them. Whereas, people are dieing, beheading and even shooting by heardsmen and the federal government is busy with manifestation of their political agenda of 2023 general election. If insecurities is our utmost challenges then individuals will source for security by themselves.

Constitutionally, it’s the right of individual as a citizen of Nigeria to enjoy right to life and rights to property as declarated by the human rights laws of 1944 and to safeguard individuals and properties without being subjected to fear as a citizen of Nigeria. But this time around things are contrary. Citizens cannot sleep or pray at their conveniency in fear of fallout that may ends to death. In recent days one of the bizarre stories bulldozed on Nigeria dailies can be traced to Ọ̀yọ́ state. A classic Odùduwà land in South western part of the country whereby Fulani heardsmen killed people freely and still claim incessant rights over people properties. They use their cow as a destructive trade center; cow can easily feast on people farm without considering the consequences of their awful actions. They goes into lengths of kidnapping and still subjected people into slavery in their land.

Obviously, it of no help to be emphasizing on the policing facet of our dear nation and when this daily killing can’t not be barricades by the central government then the emergence of typical Odùduwà like Sunday Igboho Osa can not be undermine. People can’t fold their arms and subjected to killings, rapping and kidnapping in the act of corresponding to the law of the country. The people needs to live in peace and operate their business at any part of the country with a good mindset. People should stop seeing Igboho as a revolt to the peace of the nation. Igboho want a peaceful life for all citizens in Nigeria irrespective of their tribes. It’s left for us to decide.

Notwithstanding, the central government should find timely reconciliation and rehabilitation to the fallout waging against this harmonious country to avoid rebellions in the midst of individuals. Inevitably, the progress of this country is in the hand of the citizens, instead of being use by the political death merchant or religion Jihadist to cause affliction and transgressions. we should be law abiding citizens and respect all ethnics that made up Nigeria.


Columnist Olatunji writes from Ekiti State.

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