US election: Videos of reported cases of violence, results from states

AMERICANS cast their votes on Tuesday in a bitterly contested presidential race between incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger former Vice President Joe Biden after a tumultuous four years under the Republican businessman-turned politician.

The country has been left deeply divided more than any time in recent history.

More than 100 million Americans voted nationwide before the polls opened yesterday, according to a survey of election officials by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist.

This is the election results so far…

USElection2020 RESULTS:

🇺🇸New York

Biden 1,372,596 (72% of votes)

Trump 530,884 (27.5% of votes)

Electoral college votes 29

🇺🇸 South Carolina

Trump 530,720 (55.8% of votes)

Biden 408,111 (42.9% of votes)

Electoral college votes 9

🇺🇸 Virginia

Trump 989,609 (43.4% of votes)

Biden 1,251,347 (54.9% of votes)

Electoral college votes 13

🇺🇸 Illinois

Biden 1,215,800 (53.5% of votes)

Trump 1,013,552 (44.2% of votes)

Electoral college votes 20

🇺🇸 Nebraska

Trump 154,009 (50.7% of votes)

Biden 143,294 (47.2% of votes)

Electoral college votes 5

🇺🇸 South Dakota

Trump 38,735 (62.6% of votes)

Biden 21,532 (34.8% of votes)

Electoral college votes 3

🇺🇸 Oklahoma

Trump 738,002 (64.5% of votes)

Biden 380,888 (33.3% of votes)

Electoral college votes 7

🇺🇸 New Mexico

Biden wins New Mexico with 177,125 votes accounting for 60% of total vote cast.

Trump trails with 110,717 votes comprising 37.7% of all votes.

See the video of violence during the election…..


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