Learn from U.S. election, Congress tells Nigerians

-Nigeria can learn from the U.S. electoral system that decentralizes the process and farm them out to the States and Counties.

-Nigeria should adopt this process and allow for early voting.

The African Diaspora Congress (ADC) said Nigeria could learn from the U.S. electoral process, to build on democratic gains in the country.

The Secretary-General and Public Relations Officer of ADC, Prof. Apollos Nwauwa on Wednesday made this known in Abuja.

According to Nwauwa, who is also Chairman of the Nigerian Diaspora Movement (NDM), the outcome of the current U.S. election would profoundly reshape not only the United States of America but the world.

“Nigeria should adopt this process and allow for early voting.”

He explained that majority of the 100 million who pre-voted in the U.S. election, did so by mail and not necessarily electronic, saying others actually voted at various polling stations set by different states.

He said that the U.S. elections were not federally controlled, adding that each state has its electoral laws and guidelines, which cannot be altered by the Federal Government in that country.

He reiterated that such a practice could be a lesson for other countries to learn.

Prof. Nwauwa disclosed that there was a massive turnout by voters in the election, as a consequence of President Donald Trump’s policies and behaviour in office.

He said that although Trump’s policies and behaviour angered some Americans, there are others who love him.

He also said if Trump is re-elected, it would result in remaking the social and political configurations of the U.S. racial intolerance against people of colour, especially Africans.

Furthermore, he said that state-sponsored bigotry and violence against people with different political, religious, and sexual orientation will likely increase in the future.

He mentioned that Trump would leave no stone unturned in restricting immigration to the U.S., especially by peoples of colour with Africans on top of his list.

He, however, said that another four-year tenure for Trump could consolidate America’s isolation and withdrawal from the international community through shunning of agreements and cooperation.

ADC is a coalition of the various groups and concerned citizens from Africa and African Diaspora, while the NDM comprises 20 million Nigerians in the Diaspora working together to build a progressive nation where every citizen is empowered to become and give the best.

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