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(Busy Brain Writes From Offa, Kwara State, on October 19, 2020)

If anyone asks me of the best moment in Nigeria with reasonable and worthwhile sensation, I will definitely be happy to tag this period that speaks of unity and togetherness among Nigerian youths. The present moment is a clear indication and harbinger to actualize Nigeria of our dream.

The nefarious grandeurs and political elites’ divide and rule policy is being buried in a shallow grave. Initially, the government thought it would be a usual obloquy and opprobrium where people will shout for two three days on social media and rest. This time around, people did not only rant on social media, they took it down to the broken streets to demand for justice against inhumane act of the evil men in black.

In my last opinion titled ‘ Big Brother Naija and cheap prophecy ‘ published in Nigerian Tribune on September 26, 2020, I was moved to castigate the negligence of Nigerian celebrities when it comes to matter affecting the poor masses. I asked how the celebrities have helped the masses who keep buying their music albums, downloading their lyrics and following them on various social media platforms. I was pissed and irksome to say they were useless when only few Nigerians rose to protest the obnoxious increment in petroleum price and electricity tariff and the protesters were teargassed, harassed and detained without any support. Actually, I only said my mind, I did not know that a master protest that will arouse international reception is on the way. l’m marveled with the massive turnout of our celebrities against SARS’ brutality on Nigerians. Since the inception of this struggle, I have retracted my statement. Our celebrities are wonderful and not useless. They have proven themselves to be valorous at both national and international levels. Kudos to all the protesters for standing for what is right.

Obviously, SARS officers have misused their chances; they abused power because of greediness and covetousness. Using POS, telling suspects to do transfer or taking suspected fraudsters to the ATM stand for settlement is not only abuse of power but absurd to a despicable extent. Irrespective of your sanctity, you cannot win SARS when you are with a big phone, laptop or riding an exotic car during their routine stop and search. Waspishly, security operatives charged with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties turned to be the killer of hope, killer of dreams; sending young minds to eternal rest. Absolutely, Nigerians have endured many pains and pangs from reckless and feckless men of the underworld.

The kind of vim and vigour incorporated in #EndSARS protest is a message of hope and liberation from the manacles of oppressors. If this tempo can be maintained from now and beyond, the recyclers touring round the corridor of power would be sent to the oblivion.

Surprisingly, despite the public outcry and furore on SARS brutality, the protest seems not to mesmerize the attention of Northerners. As much as people clamour for better Nigeria through peaceful protest and demonstration, the version of protest staged in the North is for the support of SARS, the protests staged in the South-south and the South-west states are being given political colouration. The southerners do not want SARS simply because of their loathsome way of extortion and extra judicial killing; the North wants SARS because the operatives dare not to act funny in their region. In the North, is it no nonsense and no-going area for police outlandish operations. Or has there ever been record of extra judicial killings by members of SARS in the North? I doubt it. If it happens there, the #EndSARS protest would have taken place for long. Their negligence is conspicuous. It is only illogical to speak against the protesters who have been fed with brutal soup for years. The protest is already a success; Nigerians have woken up from the juvenile slumber.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, poet, journalist, Public Relations Practitioner.

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